Course Outline

Introduction to Intent-Based Networking

  • Principles of IBN
  • Overview of Cisco DNA

Cisco DNA Architecture

  • Components and capabilities
  • Integration with existing networks

Automating the Network

  • Cisco DNA center for network management
  • Configuration and provisioning

Analytics and Assurance

  • Network data analytics
  • Assurance in Cisco DNA

Security in an Intent-Based Network

  • Embedding security features
  • Cisco security solutions

Designing an Intent-Based Network

  • Planning and design considerations
  • Use cases and best practices

Migrating to an Intent-Based Network

  • Transition strategies
  • Managing change in network operations

Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic understanding of networking protocols
  • Familiarity with Cisco IOS or IOS XE and Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)
  • Knowledge of network design, including LAN and WAN architectures


  • Network architects and designers
  • Network administrators and operators
  • Security professionals
 21 Hours

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