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NobleProg is frequently trusted to deliver heavyweight consultancy engagements where we are brought in to advise, long and short term, on matters that are critical to fundamental practices and the daily operations of large scale organisations.

We recently successfully completed a consultancy engagement for the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK:

We contacted several potential providers of RabbitMQ expertise. It was then easy to quickly settle on NobleProg to support our efforts to scale the website as they engaged immediately with asking about the steps already taken and the results of these, joining us in narrowing down the areas to investigate and ensuring they would provide the correct skillset to take the investigation further.

After the initial conversations it was agreed that someone with both a very strong RabbitMQ knowledge, but also comfortable in the .NET environment was required, and this was exactly what was provided. Having been given access to the test site and code, the NobleProg consultant swiftly identified the primary issue affecting RabbitMQ connections and offered both tactical and longer-term architectural fixes to the issue.

Having implemented the recommended RabbitMQ connection change our load testing demonstrated that the immediate issue was resolved, but there were still questions around the manageability of the site using the configuration options within the code, as well as a potential future bottleneck, beyond current usage but seen in the load testing. At this point the ability of the consultant to look beyond RabbitMQ and to quickly understand the application itself was a great help in providing not just a fix to the immediate issue, but also a significantly more manageable system with ?tomorrow?s bottleneck? also addressed. 

At the end of the exercise, we had had the ideal experience of a consultancy that first took the time to ensure they understood the issue sufficiently to provide the correct skills, then provided the solution required as fast as practicable and within the estimated budget.

Phil Burke, Director of Information Systems 
Royal College of Psychiatrists



Other Case Studies

Examples of short and longer term consultancy projects we have worked on:

Client - European Government Information Service




All deliverables successfully completed. NobleProg received feedback from the client stating that they had been very happy with the choice of consultant and the high standard of work performed.  They were especially pleased with how he interacted with the team, working well alongside them, and providing a lot of ongoing added value guidance, ensuring that knowledge transfer was able to take place.  


Major International Telecommunications / Media Company




A long term, complex consultancy project where NobleProg were embedded in the client team. The movement of the business critical processes onto a new platform has been successful and there was then ongoing work to support the businesses team in preparing them to move to independent working. The training provided has been very well received and has enabled many staff to move across into new roles supporting the systems on the new platform.


Client - International Intergovernmental Organisation




Our consultant successfully developed and integrated the required performance tests within the company infrastructure.

Transfer of knowledge was successful. A bespoke 3 day course was delivered to existing staff and they are now able to undertake the required tests independently.

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